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60's Style Day!

Preview from my photo shoot from earlier today


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Promoting Yourself

I recently found this video about how to create the best mailing list for you and some ways that you can promote yourself. I definitely found this to be very helpful for myself since I will be graduating from college within the year. This video should definitely be looked at by artists who are having a little trouble getting their name out there.

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If you want to see some great runway fashion photos check out China’s fashion week. Here is an image that really stands out to me.Image

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Everyone please take a moment to read and sign this petition! This petition is to help save the education that students are receiving at the schools that are being affected by the EDMC scandal. More and more teachers, advisors, and others are being laid off because these schools claim there is a shortage of funds and yet they keep raising the tuition each year. So please sign and share this petition!

Also, if you haven’t heard much about this here is a link to an article about the EDMC scandal:


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I finally got to finish my website and get it up and running! Come check it out and tell me what you think!!!

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So this article that i just read helped put things into perspective for my work when I graduate. If you are preparing to graduate I suggest you read this article because it’s helping me figure out what I might do after graduation.


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Website In Progress

Hopefully by next week I will have a website up and running!

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