Day For Night

Here’s a neat way to create a day for night image in Photoshop. I’ll have to try it out and show the results.

Digital Composition DIY

Difficulty: Easy

I’ve been taking a ton of photographs lately, but I’ve had some trouble capturing my subjects at night. Something I’ve wanted to look into is day for night photography. There is an easy way to do this on-site with different aperture settings and screens, but maybe you forgot your equipment that day, or maybe you can’t do that with your camera, or maybe you just think your subject is more interesting at night, and all you have is daytime pictures.

Here is a photo I took in the middle of the day. For your image, there will be a few things you will need to be wary of right off the bat. Try to avoid highlights, as this is very difficult to mask over. The sky is difficult to mask, but not impossible, though the original photo should be white balanced and exposed correctly. Overexposure is especially hard…

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Say Sling Shot!

Say Sling Shot!

I thought this was a really interesting new camera. This camera literally looks like a sling shot!

I’m not sure of the resolution for the images produced, but I think it would be fun to play with



So I just read an article today from yahoo about the amount of retouching Lady Gaga may or may not have under gone for the cover of vogue. In the article it does state and I quote, “An article at Buzzfeed asks, when airbrushing is this extreme, why hire photographers at all? They point out that Vogue might as well have used a fashion illustration.”

A lot people are believing it was too much and she’s barely recognizable. I believe it to be the other way for certain reasons. Number one the photograph being compared to the cover is even the same one. Secondly, as I look at the cover more and more it does start to look like an illustration, rather than a straight forward photograph.Lastly, taking a look at the behind the scenes for the photo shoot, to me at least she still looks a lot like herself. Yes, there have been changes to photograph, but it isn’t to the point where she may as well be a cartoon.

Well, I have stated my opinion on this subject; I want to hear what you think so comment below.

ASMP Event!

ASMP Event!

For any photographers who are interested in the Pittsburgh area who don’t know about this yet, ASMP is hosting an event on September 20. For more information check out the link!

Check this photographer out

I figured I would take a minute to showcase a favorite photographer of mine. Michael Jones is a Seattle based photographer who in my opinion does wonderful work. Some of my favorite images are his product work.

Dreams can come true

This some of the progress I have made with my photograph from Heinz Hall.

Photoshop Tutorial

If you ever need to create a spotlight here’s a great and easy tutorial on how to create one.


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